Thank You for Visiting,
This fund is to send Joe McKnight's son to college. If you're here you probably already know that Joe was tragically killed on December 1st, 2016. His death has shaken the entire Trojan Nation, State of Louisiana, and the football world; but as a team we can't imagine what it must be like for Joe's family. 
Joe's former teammates from USC have gotten together to throw their support behind this campaign. Special thanks to everyone from the Trojans 07-10 squads that helped put this together and promote our cause. We are making tees and hoodies (pictures below) – a $50 donation will get you a tee, and $100 for a hoodie. Of course you can order as many as you’d like.
To know Joe was to love him. We want to do everything we can to make sure Joe's son has whatever he needs in life. While the money will be mostly be placed in a college fund for Jaiden McKnight, with success we are hoping that this fund can also help the family with any immediate financial needs they may have.
Due to the percentage takes of gofundme and inability to offer goods in return for a donation, we are running the purchasing through 4joemcknight.com . We have a sign off from the direct family of Joe McKnight and all proceeds will be released to them immediately upon the completion of the campaign. 
For full transparency, t-shirts cost $18 to make, and the hoodies $32; all proceeds will go directly to the McKnight family. We are running the campaign as long as we can, but will start shipping goods around the time of this year’s Rose Bowl. While we cannot confirm a 100% ETA for shipping for a number of reasons, when your donation is sent we will have your email and stay in contact with you throughout the process. We anticipate goods will arrive in January.
Please help us support the family who is recovering from losing one of the most electric football players and men that many of us have known. Thank you and Fight On Joe!